Over the past twenty years, our writers and editors have created over 600 fiction and nonfiction Leveled Readers on a wide range of topics, from grades K - 7 and levels A - Z.


This Grade 6 Below-Level Reader simplifies and reinforces a chapter in a national Social Studies textbook. West Cambridge developed over 150 Readers for this series.

This Kindergarten Reader uses simple photographs to extend the content. This book meets a national science standard.


These primary Readers introduce folk tales from around the world.

This nonfiction primary Reader was developed for Sadlier-Oxford to build phonics and comprehension skills.

This collection of over fifty Grade 5 Social Studies Readers includes both fiction and nonfiction titles.

This Rigby Literacy Reader uses both photographs and illustrations to reinforce and supplement the text.

This is an example of a Level C nonfiction Reader in a series of over 150 Grade K fiction and nonfiction Readers we developed.